Ahhh, the all mighty electronic cig.  Its taking over the cigarette world and for good reason.  Healthier, smoking freedom, and all that jargon but wow, can they be expensive.  Long run… yes, they’re worth it but in the short run its pricey.  $80+, no thanks but throw an easy mod in and yes, I’m in!  Got a cheaper electronic cig from tru smoke  and was able to mod my empty carts to fit a little 1-2 hit pot nug that the atomizer can burn.  Its undercover and works like a charm!  Plus, I feel like I’m getting the best deal as its an ecig and pot vaporizer!  Easy, cheap, and does the trick!

You know what else… i guess tru smoke is introducing a new product soon and its supposed to me bad ass!  I emailed them about getting another starter kit and they replied with stating they’re going to send me a coupon to try the new product when its released to the public!  Sweet.