Review time, I have been meaning to review the Victory e-cig starter kit I bought off groupon eariler this year. This was actually my first e cig kit I ever tried I jsut forgot about it.

The kit is of the 2(two) piece variety having the cartridge and atomizer as one piece.  The filter is also male end and battery female.  Looking back I realize it is almost the exact same product as South Beach Smoke or V2 E cigarettes.  The only difference being the male and female ends but all are two(2) piece e cigs.  They all have different size diameters of male and female ends to ensure the filters are not interchangeable.

Smoking Quality

The smoking experience seemed to be ok but I think the South beach Smoke kit had a more consistant draw and simulated smoking a little bit better.  You do get some popping sounds and a little inconsistant draw when you drag it.  I am still looking for one that is realistic where if you hit it hard it pulls hard and if you draw lightly it pulls easier.

Starter Kit Accessories

once again pretty standard here, charger, case, some filters.  Came with a nice gift box but who cares, seems like a waste of packaging to me. The car charger is a nice bonus so you basically have 3 options for charging, USB, car or wall.  The end that lights up is a little cheesy looking but looks like it was designed to simulate a real lit cig.  The South Beach Smoke kit had this fake looking diamond thing in the end.  The case it cool, it has a spot for the USB charger an extra battery and a filter.  It’s ok construction but still on the cheap looking side, I throw it in my car or bag when I head out but not something i carry on me.  It is a little bulky and not really something I want to be carrying around, looks more natural for women.

Victory E cigarette Cartridge

Victory E cigarette Cartridge, see how the cartridge is the male end


e cigs lights

E cig Lights, South Beach and Victory see how South Beach has a diamond look


Not much here, very similar to South Beach or V2, I got the tobacco flavor and wouldnt say it really had any taste, a little dry stale tasting but not bad.  The amount of nicotine you got with each puff didnt seem consistant.  I would get head rushes sometimes or not really feel i was getting me nicotine fix other times.

Over all not bad for a starter kit, you get everything you need but quality overall is nothing great and the product it self seems generic, nothing new.  This used to be a top kit out there but since then technology has advanced and there are much better and newer tech options out there.

As for the deal it self this is what they offered and the details of the Victory e cig starter kit.

The Deal

$25 for e-Cigarette Deluxe Starter Kit ($129.99 list price). Choose between tobacco or menthol flavors. The premium starter kit includes the following:

  • 15 cartomizers (equal to 22 packs of cigarettes)
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • One wall charger
  • One USB charger
  • One car charger
  • One carrying case
  • One gift box
  • One starter kit manual

E-cigarette deluxe kit includes 15 tobacco- or menthol-flavored cartridges that deliver less nicotine than a regular cigarette.

Free shipping

Victory e-Cigarette Deluxe Starter Kit

Smokeless Victory electronic cigarettes emulate smoking without emitting second-hand smoke or exposing lungs to byproducts such as tar and carbon monoxide. Housed in a tan-and-white tube, the device mimics the look and sensation of a cigarette, delivering nicotine hits in drags of tobacco, glowing its LED tip red, and releasing smoke-like vapor with which to blow smoke rings or signal ships when lost at sea. The burn-free cigarettes leave no odor, allowing smokers to enjoy an unobtrusive drag whenever the craving hits. The 15 included cartomizers are equivalent to approximately 22 packs of cigarettes or four of Bugs Bunny’s oversize cigars.


  • E-cigarette delivers nicotine without harmful side effects of regular cigarettes
  • Tar-free; does not emit carbon dioxide
  • Flame-free microelectronic technology allows smokers to puff indoors
  • Indicator light glows red during puffs like a real cigarette
  • Emits a smoke-like vapor when puffed or trying to intimidate nearby ghosts
  • Odor-free
  • Does not emit second-hand smoke
victory  e cig deal groupon

victory e cigarette starter kit offered on Groupon